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Rucking Events

Rucking competitions are a fantastic way to stay motivated and make new friends in your neighborhood. Check out our extensive list of rucking events to find the nearest one to you, whether you’re rucking for fun or to show your support for our troops. While GoRuck hosts many of the rucking events, there may be differences in what you’ll actually perform at each one. While some rucks are solely concerned with travelling from point A to point B, others may involve additional activities. Explore each occasion’s details below.

Rucking Gear

You might imagine some hard-charging GI struggling through the jungle when you hear the phrase “rucking gear.” Rucking simply refers to moving from point A to point B as steadily and fast as you can while still being able to complete the job or overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way, for those who are unfamiliar with this archaic Army slang. We will discuss the top rucking backpacks available today to assist you in doing that.

We are aware that rucking and hiking are very similar. The distinction is that rucking denotes a necessity for some haste. In light of this, these were selected with the thought that you had to be there quickly and in a hurry, whether it be a brisk stroll with your computer and books for school; or you have just discovered you’re going to miss your flight and must now skedaddle across the airport. To assist you to make the best decision possible regarding rucking gear, we have gathered reviews of the many pieces of rucking equipment that is currently on the market. Look around and make the best decision for you.