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Welcome to ruckingworld.com, your ultimate destination for all things rucking. Rucking is an incredibly effective form of exercise that combines walking with the added weight of a backpack, or “ruck”. It not only provides an intense cardio workout, but also works out your legs, back, and core muscles. The website offers a wealth of information for both new and experienced ruckers alike. Get started with a comprehensive guide on the benefits of rucking and recommended equipment, as well as tips on how to train safely and efficiently.

At ruckingworld.com, you can find a variety of features to help you on your rucking journey. From inspiring articles and personal stories from experienced ruckers, to a community forum where you can connect with other like-minded individuals and form rucking groups. The website also offers Rucking event listings where you can find and join local events, as well as Rucking challenge section, where you can join or create your own Rucking challenges with friends and other members.

But we don’t stop there, for the gear enthusiasts, we have a dedicated gear review section where you can read and learn about the latest gear, and make an informed decision before you buy. Whether you’re a seasoned rucker looking to take your training to the next level or a newcomer just getting started, ruckingworld.com is here to help you achieve your goals and become a part of the thriving rucking community

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Gorucj Event began in 2010 as the proving grounds for all GORUCK gear, and quickly evolved to focus not only on the gear, but also the participants rucking the gear. No matter the difficulty of the event, we apply our lessons learned in Special Forces and challenge people to prove that they’re capable of more.